Nuit Blanche Guide 2017
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Nuit Blanche 2017


Teaser Nuit Blanche 2017

The Mayor 

"Every year, contemporary art takes over the night, for the joy of Parisians and Paris’ lovers. The city is transformed, opened to everyone and offers a demanding yet accessible artistic program. Nuit Blanche truly embodies with panache my cultural policy. This year, with Charlotte Laubard as artistic director, we celebrate collective creativity –in its innovative approaches and bold productions."

Anne Hidalgo

Mayor of Paris

The First Deputy Mayor’s

"The 16th Nuit Blanche will be collective! Charlotte Laubard, in charge of the artistic direction, wishes to invite experienced artists, emerging collectives and students around a core theme: « working together ». From the center of Paris , including la Canopée des Halles , to the riverbank parks and the La Chapelle-Pajol neighborhood in the north, Nuit Blanche reflects on our ways of living and interacting with each other. I wish to everyone a beautiful Nuit Blanche."

Bruno Julliard

First Deputy Mayor

the artistic director's 

"In these inward-looking times, we need to work together more than ever before. This year’s Nuit Blanche will exhibit artistic projects which involve different collaborative approaches and works which seek to represent cooperation or to question the notion of community. From two-person collaborations to artists’ collectives, from multidisciplinary groups to systems (set up) to encourage public participation, it showcases projects which aim to push back the boundaries, alter perceptions and change the way we represent things.

A collective work is always the fruit of a process of negotiation between different points of view. As it results from this confrontation with someone else’s subjectivity, it is often heterogeneous or hybrid in nature, and this seems to be more in line with the complexity of the world in which we live. The urgent need to be heard, the determination to take action to change the reality that surrounds us - these are its main driving forces and the factors which lead individuals to choose to work together.

It’s no surprise that public space is the venue of choice for these artistic projects which examine its social foundation. Identity building, collective memory, the ways in which we interact, everything which characterises us as a community or communities - all of these at the heart of the projects featured in this Nuit Blanche. As a symbolic gesture, I wanted it to be staged in places where people of all backgrounds come together.

Acknowledging the fact that the concept of public space has changed considerably with the rise of social networks, a number of works in this year’s event share a distinctive feature - they can be seen both in the city and on the internet."

Charlotte Laubard

Artistic director

The poster

By Manuel Bürger and Pierre Vanni

The result of a pioneering collaboration between two graphic designers - one from Berlin and the other from Paris - the poster was inspired by the Invisible Playground collective’s participatory artwork in which Parisians are invited to express themselves by moving around letters to create and mix up words along the banks of the Seine. This jumbled letters effect features on all Nuit Blanche publicity materials. The scrambled words subtly challenge the perception of passers-by and visitors, who have to mentally put the letters in the correct order. With an aesthetic inspired by internet memes, the poster also announces the fact that this edition is keen to explore the porosity between the real and virtual worlds.

Nuit Blanche 2017

User's guide



IN > creations by emerging and well-known artists, from France and beyond, who were invited by the artistic director. This year, the thirty or so IN projects can be seen in the north and centre of Paris.


Le samedi 7 octobre 2017

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OFF > artistic projects proposed by district town halls, museums, art galleries, community groups and independent artists, with the support of the artistic director and the Ville de Paris.

NUIT BLANCHE OFF dans le parcours

Le samedi 7 octobre 2017

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The OFF projects can be seen throughout the city and beyond !

NUIT BLANCHE OFF hors parcours

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How to get around


to find the IN projects without getting lost (it is marked on the ground all along the route). Move away from it to explore the OFF event.


to find all the locations listed in the programme (for both the IN and OFF events) on your smartphone (free app available on IOS and Android).


You can enjoy Nuit Blanche on foot, on a Vélib hire bike or by public transport! The RATP is putting special transport arrangements in place all night long:


Metro Line 1 ‘s following stations will be on free access from 02 am till dawn: Gare de Lyon ; Saint-Paul ; Hôtel de Ville ; Louvre-Rivoli ; Tuileries ; Concorde (connection with ligne 12)

Metro Ligne 12 s following stations will be on free access from 02 am till dawn: Porte de la Chapelle ; Jules Joffrin ; Pigalle ; Saint-Lazare ; Concorde (connection with Ligne 1) et Notre-Dame des Champs


Extra Noctilien and free night buses will run between 0.30 and 5.30 am.

Consult the RATP plan in stations or on

All other metro lines will function as they usually do on a Saturday night. 

Mediation activities



To pick up the program or for any questions you may have on the events, mediators wearing a bright pink K-Way will welcome and guide you on these 3 information spots. Rendez-vous :

  • Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, 75004 – (open from 5 pm until 2 am)
  • Canopée des Halles, 75001- (open from 5 pm until 2 am)
  • Esplanade Nathalie Sarraute, 75018- (open from 5 pm until 2 am)

Les points INFO

Place de l'Hôtel de Ville / Esplanade Nathalie Sarraut / Canopée des Halles
Paris, 75000 Paris

Le samedi 7 octobre 2017

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For information about the works on display or just to get directions, don’t hesitate to talk with one of our mediators: wearing a bright pink K-Way, they will be posted along the way, near the artworks and “POINTS INFO”, from 7 pm to 1 am.


This talking robot is a pioneering experiment in digital mediation designed by a group of students from HEAD-Geneva under the supervision of Charlotte Laubard. Using the different voices and points of view of its creators, the chatbot will be a forum for discussions and digressions about the works on show and the topics addressed during this year’s Nuit Blanche.

With support from BETC and the Haute École d'Art et de Design de Genève.

Available on Messenger via the Nuit Blanche Facebook page (@NBParis).

Studients from HEAD-Genève : Alaa Abdelhamid, Coline Caillier, Aurélie Dubois, Rémi Dufay, Giorgia Garzilli, Arttu Palmio, Sara Santos, Bruno Schaub, Elsa Schneider and Tristan Thévenoz.


Get live information on @NBParis @quefaireaParis @Paris
Share your pics with the hashtag #NuitBlanche


CIWY association – Can I Welcome offers to walk you in English, Spanish, Italian, and so on, through Nuit Blanche (several routes available).
Information and inscription >


Storytellers’ of Âge d’or de France will tell you about Paris and Nuit Blanche art pieces. (Available in French only)
Information and inscription > 01 53 24 67 40 or


> Volunteers of Action Passeraile will assist people with disabilities (any disability) on Nuit Blanche route. Meet us at Info Hôtel de Ville, from 19h to 22h or by appointment. (Available in French only)
Information and inscription: 01 43 41 70 67.

Want to get advices

For a contemporary art fan, a Paris’ lover, a young mom… Influencers have chosen 4 or 5 artworks, for those with too little time to visit all! (Available in French only)
+ infos on and social networks


Discover with your parents some pieces of art, in partnership with Paris Môme, available on and parismô

As a start, short and recreational visits put on together by ART KIDS Paris for kids and their parents. (Available in French only)

Information and inscription

  • Verbal description by CRTH’ describers (Centre de Recherche Théâtre et Handicap) for blind or visually impaired people. (Available in French only)
    By appointment or group visit.
    Information and inscription: 01 42 74 17 87 or
  • AUDIOSPOT app offers an audio guide for each site localization and outdoor navigation for the hard of hearing (guidance system, texts and videos in French sign language), the visually impaired (audio guidance ) and English speakers (texts in English).


Paris Bike Tour proposes to discover Nuit Blanche riding your bike. Three tours
in French, English and German.
Information and inscription: 01 42 74 22 14 or
Bicycle and accessories available at Paris Bike Tour agency, 13 rue Brantôme 75003 Paris – Rambuteau (11)


Play with words, write messages and vote on Marée des Lettres’app. Your messages will be displayed on the river banks in giant letters by collectif Invisible Playground Network (p.25). (Available in French only).

Marée des Lettres

Parc Rives De Seine
voies georges Pompidou, 75001 Paris

Le samedi 7 octobre 2017

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  • Volunteers of Action Passeraile will assist people with disabilities (any disability) on Nuit Blanche. Meeting point is the Hôtel de Ville INFO point, from 7pm to 10pm or by appointment. (Available in French only)
    Information and inscription: 01 43 41 70 67.
  • Oral descriptions are proposed by CRTH’ describers (Centre de Recherche Théâtre et Handicap) for blind or visually impaired people. (Available in French only)By appointment or group visit.
    Information and inscription: 01 42 74 17 87 or
  • AUDIOSPOT app provides guidance for visitors with smartphones depending on their profile: an audio mode for the blind and visually impaired ; a visual mode for deaf and partially deaf people ; a video translated in French sign langage ; and the texts are also available in English.
  • BÊTE À BON DIEU PRODUCTION organizes guided visits in both French and French sign language for deaf and partially deaf people.
    Information and inscription:
  • ACCESSIBILITY information can be found on in order to allow everyone to prepare for the night according to their mobility. (Available in French only).

Teaser 2017

Nuit Blanche 2017

Nuit Blanche in the world 

Since its creation in 2002, the Parisian concept has been spreading across several European capitals, soon followed by other cities. Five capitals, Bruxelles, Madrid, Paris, Rome and Riga, have decided to create a European network of Nuits Blanches Europe, in order to share their experiences and to establish fruitful cultural exchanges. This first network is aimed to grow and welcome other city willing to join, to do so they have to respect three main principles: creativity, free of charge and night event. After Vilnius, Kosice, Zagreb, or Skopje, Zaragoza, Oviedo, Venice and Leeds have recently joined those amazing nights.

The European enthusiasm has been spreading across the world. In 2013, in La Paz in Colombia a South American network Nuits Blanches America Latina (NBAL) was launched to gather all the Noche Blanca from Belo Horizonte (Brazill) to Lima (Peru) or La Floresta (Uruguay). Then Montréal (2004) and Toronto (2006) in Northern America, Gaza and Tel Aviv in Middle East, Cotonou and Oran in Africa, Melbourne in Australia and Port-Vila in Vanuatu, even Singapore and Kyoto in Japan, organized their local Nuit Blanche, providing each time more inventive and original forms of celebration. More than 30 countries have adopted this event so far.

Nuit Blanche anniversary

Nuit Blanche celebrates its 15th anniversary!

At dusk, Nuit Blanche transforms the capital into a contemporary art gallery until dawn, and invites every one of us to an esthetical and exceptional ballad: a unique way of reclaiming the city. A City of Paris’ creation in 2002, it is a free of charge and opened event, and welcomes a growing audience. Since its creation, 3000 artists have been invited. Each year, a leading art personality directs the event resulting in 150 unique artistic projects. Nuit Blanche has been spreading across cities in France, Europe and the world, and more cities are organizing their own event. Paris continues to carry out Nuit Blanche combining prestige and openness, quality and accessibility. For the 15th anniversary, Paris will remember all those nights…

The City of Paris would like to thank the artistic directors of Nuit Blanche since 2002 , they truly shaped the identity of the event: Jean Blaise, Ami Barak, Pierre Bongiovanni, Camille Morineau, Gérard Paquet, Suzanne Pagé, Robert Fleck, Nicolas Frize, Hou Hanru, Jérôme Sans, Nicolas Bourriaud, Jean-Marie Songy, Jérôme Delormas, Hervé Chandès, Ronald Chammah, Alexia Fabre, Frank Lamy, Laurent Le Bon, Chiara Parisi, Julie Pellegrin, José-Manuel Gonçalvès, Jean de Loisy and Charlotte Laubard.

Chaque semaine, recevez un bon plan et votre semaine en un clic !